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The City of London is the undisputed finance centre of the United Kingdom and indeed the world, along with New York City. The City, often referred to as the Square Mile, is also a leader in international business services, along with being a centre for art and culture

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The West End is home to a wide range of company headquarters, media offices and hedge funds. Office space in the West End of London is the most expensive in the world, costing £60-75 ft2 per annum in the St James and Mayfair areas, £45-65 ft2 per annum in Knightsbridge and Belgravia and £35-45 ft2 per annum in Soho and Oxford Street.

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Business & Finance

Your Guide to Business in London

The finance industry, professional services and technology sectors provide Central London with a firm foundation, enabling it to function as a global city. London has much to offer companies of any size in any industry. From prestigious City office space in the heart of the Square Mile surrounded by world famous cultural attractions and the nightlife of Soho, to exclusive West End offices, currently the most expensive in the world.

If you are not looking for an enviable business address (with a price tag to match) then other areas of Central London might be better suited to your needs. South Central London is popular with businesses and due to strong business and finance services and growing service industries, the business sector structure of South Central London is estimated to exceed the national average over the next few years.

North Central London is able to accommodate increased employment and has a highly skilled workforce. The area benefits from a unique business base, being home to a large concentration of production businesses, distribution logistics and manufacturing companies. It provides an ideal opportunity for companies seeking offices in London without wanting to pay the rates usually charged for other Central London areas.

CityNetGuide offers you a comprehensive overview of Central London's City, West End, South and North. Giving you the information you need to help you find the ideal London location for your business.

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